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What kind of content should you place on the home page of a portfolio site?

I don't know! It is much easier to create work for others than it is to write your own content. Rather than asking you to read lengthy boring content I suggest checking out my work. In this site you will find over 150 pages of content spanning my work from the past 13 years as a web and interaction designer/developer.

I hope you enjoy the site!


The previous visionary designers portfolio site designed by me
Why the image of the old site?

Two reasons, first I wanted to keep an archived version of the the old site. Second, I didn't want to throw off anyone who recently visited the site.

What next?

I am still working on my "About", "Services" and "Extras" pages. I have plans to add a few more entries to my portfolio as time permits and I plan on creating a site dedicated to Fireworks (my tool of choice).