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Christian Baptiste

Christian Baptiste brings a vast array of talents to the San Francisco Bay Area web/technology community. Recognized as one of the top interaction and interface designers, his portfolio includes some of the largest Internet and software companies. He has built applications, web sites, multimedia, eMarketing and print material, for companies  like Roxio, Sonic, Siebel, AOL, Dell, Toshiba, Curious Labs, SearchForce,  Zip|Send,  SKYY Vodka, E-Greetings, American Greetings, Online Instructional Videos, Inc., Match, Matchmaker, Community Connect, Odigo, and many more.

Recognized as an expert by Adobe and Macromedia, both of these companies have benefited from his ongoing contributions to products like Fireworks, Dreamweaver, Flash, Contribute, and Flex.  Christian routinely presents at Adobe user group events showing off the latest software features, workflow techniques, and product enhancements.  Christian also shares many of his product customizations and enhancements with designer communities.

In addition to the tremendous contributions to the usability of products, ROI is something Christian strives to see for the companies he works for.  Roxio's OEM market saw annual revenues increase from $25,000 to $2,000,000.00. Roxio's “Home”, ”All Products” and “Cart” pages each saw conversion rates more than double as a result of his redesigns.  Christian's most recent work at SearchForce propelled the application forward such that it not only outpaced all of its competitors for features but also became the easiest SEM tool in the industry.  At Zip|Send he pioneered the highly successful viral marketing email campaigns that each generated more than 50,000 new opt-in customers within a 48 hour time period.  Christian is a highly driven person who enjoys seeing the entire company succeed and who truly understands the interconnectedness of his work to everyone around him.

In addition to his amazing design skill set, Christian comes with an entire arsenal of additional tools. He is a proficient front end coder implementing CSS based layouts, DHTML navigations, Java Script and Ajax interaction elements, etc.

Lastly, he is also a master at producing and distributing multimedia.  Although he specializes in interaction design, his innate creativity makes it easy for him to create marketing material like booth graphics and printed material including business cards, brochures, flyers, etc.

Christian also has a deep knowledge of managing and optimizing sites for both organic and paid search marketing.

Christian contributes his success to a constant desire to make things easier, more obvious and logical for all users.  It is not uncommon to see Christian analyzing how people are interacting with web sites,  web searches, applications, or even physical objects like their car dashboard, or common everyday household appliances. He is always looking for ways to make tasks easier. Usability and logical interaction has always been second nature to him.

Understanding that much of the design process is gathering information and communicating ideas, his approach to prototyping is extremely fast and effective. Quote from Christian "Many designers use wireframe, or paper sketches to gather feedback; I on the other hand take advantage of the power and flexibility of the applications that I use. I often skip much of the wireframing steps to display a more completed and visual view of my mockups. By using this method I am able to obtain more feedback and create more reusable portions of my designs.  In other words, I can capture the feedback needed for what interactions are successful and which ones need improvement while simultaneously collecting  feedback on color schemes, icon usage, wizards versus editors, content placement, etc.  While some designers find that the use of wireframes keeps the distractions to a minimum, I find that a more finished approach gives better visual tools to really experience how the application will work, or how a web site will be effective. I have been told that my design methods are in many ways two steps ahead of other designers."

Christian is always on the forefront of new technologies as he continues to push the envelope of what can be accomplished across the Internet innovating with design to make life simplier for all of us.