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Roxio - Digital River one page cart redesign 01

Roxio is the leading provider of software to burn CD's and DVD's. Roxio parent company is Sonic Solutions.

Digital River - Roxio Cart

Company: Sonic/Roxio - 2005 -2007

While working with Sonic/Roxio I was responsible for branding the Digital River shopping cart with both the Roxio and Sonic branding. While studying our analytics we noticed that we had close to a 90% drop out ratio. Obviously many factors play into the reasons users decide to abondon the process at the point of the shopping cart. Mainy of these users had no intention to complete the transaction at that time, rather they go through the entire process to see calculated totals, including shipping, taxes, and any applied discounts.

When I was assigned this project I myself found out checkout process to be overly complicated and time consuming. The process included a minimum of 4 individual pages; the initial cart checkout page, the shipping page, the billing page, the totals page that also included areas to input cupons/discounts, and the confirmation page. It was no wonder that our drop out ratio was so high. This was one of my attempts to not only simplify the process into a single page but also apply some css styling to clean up the page thus making it easier to see desired information and to make the entire process feel less intimidating.