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AOL's AIM Instant Gifts

AIM instant gifts was a Zip|Send enabled catalog that allowed AIM users to send gifts to each other using either a AIM id, an ICQ id or an email address as the delivery address.

designed by Christian Baptiste

Company: Zip|Send 1996 - 2001

This project included:

Please note this is not a color scheme that I would ever choose myself. This project was extremely challenging as we (Zip|Send) were given only 24 hours to complete a fully integrated dynamic Zip|Send catalog, a AIM today splash page and a fully co branded checkout system all within the AIM Today pop up windows.

What made it even more challenging, the staff at AOL gave us no specification of color schemes, logo use, what the page was supposed to look like, etc. After pulling an all nighter we were confronted with the AIM staff asking us to redo everything we did the night before. You gotta love AOL. Thanks to AIM this had to be one of the longest days of my life. With out a doubt I still believe that our first pages that I created were much better. Due to the strict use of AOL trademarks on logos and icons I am unable to display my earlier work. BTW - AOL™ is a property of Time Warner, please don't sue me for including this in my portfolio.  :)