Sonic DVDit® 6

DVDit 6 is powerful DVD authoring software for creating professional–quality DVDs on your desktop.
Its flexible and intuitive user interface and powerful toolset enable complete customization of the authoring environment.

DVDit 6: $299.99
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DVDit Pro 6: $399.99
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  Professional Timeline – Add multiple audio and subtitle tracks in your DVD
Create up to 8 audio tracks and 32 subtitle tracks per movie using DVDit Pro's powerful movie timeline. Easily produce multi–region DVD titles with alternate languages, commentary tracks, large format captions for the visually impaired, description text, and more.
  Advanced Menu Creation Tools
Advanced menu and movie controls make DVDit stand out from the crowd. Select movie segments to use as motion menus using the Menu Start and End controls, adjust the relative display time of button sub–pictures in menus, control how your menu backgrounds are scaled, import chapter point information from video editing applications, correct video, audio and subtitle synchronization using DVDit’s unique "track offset controls," and much more.
  Preview Your DVD Project
Take the guesswork out of DVD authoring. Preview your project any time during the authoring process to quickly proof your work.
  Pallet Window
Importing your assets is easy with DVDit's pallet window.
  Simulation Window
When a simple preview is not enough, fully simulate your DVD playback before you burn a disc.
  eDVD 4 – Create a web enabled DVD
DVDit Pro 6 comes with a full version of eDVD 4 which allows you to add unlimited web links to your DVD. eDVD 4 also allows you to link your DVD menus to Hi–Definition Video, High Resolution Stills, MP3s, Flash, Documents, Presentations, Spreadsheets, Executables or virtually any other type of file.

DVDit 6 comes with eDVD 4 LE which allows for one web link per DVD that you produce.

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