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Application Interface Design Services

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What is interface design and how is it different from interaction design?

Interface design focuses more on what the appliaction looks like and less on how it works. In other words is the application gray or is it blue, what do the icons look like, or what do the wizards look like, etc.

Interface design plays a big role in the perception of how easy the application will be. Choosing the right color scheme could give users the sence that it is modern, or that it is sophisticated, or that it is playful, etc.

Just as important to the perception is alignment and the use of white space. Interface deisgners often follow many of the same rules applied to web and print designs. In a well orchastrated UI both the interaction design and interface design work well to compliment each others work. One added benefit to working with me is that I do both interaction and interface design.

Interface design services offered:

  • Mockup/Information gathering
  • Reviewing color pallets
  • Icon creation
  • Skinning
  • Flex skinning
  • Flex CSS
  • Html CSS
  • Creating style sheets
  • Creating style guides
  • Creating application guidelines