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SEO (Search Engine Optimization)/SEM (Search Engine Marketing - Paid Search) Services

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On average 90% of unique visitors come to a web site as a direct result from a search engine. You can have the greatest site in the world but if no one knows that it exist than it means nothing.

Search Marketing is broke down into two main categories;

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

SEO (also known as organic search marketing) is the optimizing your site and its content to be naturally picked up by the search engines, meaning that you don't pay for the inclusion. Google being the top rated search engine does natural search ranking by the way of content relevance and popularity.

The more your web site content reflects the search term the user was looking for the better the chance that your page will rank high thus getting better placement in the search engines. Because of early strategies of the search marketing professional taking advantage of the relevance factor and many abused it by putting unrelated search terms into their pages just to come up more often, the engines like Google added another factor and that is popularity. This changes the out come to make sure that a site is not being picked up for the wrong reason, rather if they are also popular it must mean that their content is also credible.

So how do we optimize your site to be picked up by search engines? First we use proper formatting that not only reads well to the human eye it is also accessible for users that may be disadvantaged (i.e. visually impaired). Second we make sure that the writing of your content is taking advantage of searchable terms. Next we apply other safe techniques that the search engines like, i.e. proper and unique page titles, heading tags, alt tags on your images, proper link names, etc. In addition we take additional steps like adding meta keywords and meta data to your sites header (the code that talks directly to search engine crawlers). We also do site map creation and submissions.

SEO services include;

  • Site map creation and submission
  • Content optimization
  • Proper formatting to increase content relevance
  • Proper link naming conventions
  • Link exchange
  • No follow links (to make sure that the engines know when they are leaving your site)
  • Analytics setup to understand what content is more popular and who and where your demographics are

SEM - Search Engine Marketing

SEM on the other hand is paying for visitors to come to your site. This is done by the way of paying for each click or by impressions of your advertisement with the hopes of getting users to click on it. Obviously the pay by click is the more popular. SEM strategies start setting up accounts with the major search engines, i.e. Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

Once you have accounts set up with each of these search engines, you then begin to make adverting campaigns (similar to how an ad agency would set up a marketing campaign). You set the budget, and what you are willing to spend for each click, then you set up your ad, your keywords/keyphrases and the location where you would like your ad to display (usually in the search engines result page.

Defining your customer even more - Some of the search engines allow you to advertise beyond their search engines, this is know as placement targeting or advertising on the content network. An example of this is when you go to a site and usually on one side of the page there is a section with google ads. Some of these ads will be placed according to page content relevance some will be placed based on keywords and some will be placed strictly to generate as much traffic as possible.

SEM services include;

  • Setting up Google, Yahoo and MSN ad accounts
  • Helping you create your ads
  • Keyword research
  • Setting up analytics
  • Setting geo targeting (location and demographic targeting of your ads)
  • Day parting or also known as ad scheduling - if you want your ads to only run during select hours of the day
  • Placement targeting - placing your ads on select relevant pages, i.e. you sell baseballs so you want your ad on
  • Landing page creation